Introducing the SaaS 1000

Today, we launched the first ever SaaS 1000.  The SaaS 1000 is a list that indexes the top SaaS companies in the world.  We created this list because we not only wanted to index all Software as a Service companies, but we also wanted to monitor their growth.  It’s a great way to see which companies are scaling, which ones are spending money on growing sales/marketing, which ones got funding, who is hiring, etc.

About The Rankings

The Rankings of this list are based on the employee size of the organization.  Each month we will update the rankings which will include the employee size growth, growth indicators and the # of spots the company went up or down in the rankings.  Be sure to check out the 6 Month Growth Rate as well.

Getting Listed

We realize we could have missed some companies.  Especially outside of the US, Canada and United Kingdom. If you would like to submit your company please go to add your company.

Hi, I am the CEO of Lead411 and the founder of the SaaS 1000. Lead411 is a Sales Intelligence platform that discovers actionable insights for sales/marketing teams to help them target companies/contacts that are much more likely to be buying specific products and services. I love anything and everything that has to do with SaaS, sales technology and sales insights.

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