Hiring Trends of the Top SaaS1000 Companies [A SaaS1000 Infographic]

This infographic has been created in coordination with the help of Lead411. The intent is to share more insights on the hiring trends within the top growing SaaS organizations. One continued trend with this data was the obvious expansion of the sales department in order to build revenue and promote growth within the top sales organizations. The next department to expand was the engineering/product department as companies make technological advances and improvements within their SaaS suites.

If you would like to learn more about Lead411 and how they helped with the creation and analysis of the SaaS1000, you can learn more at Lead411.com or you can join a weekly Lunch and Learn Session that they offer that is specific to how they built the most comprehensive SaaS dataset available today with emails, direct dials, funding events, technologies, hiring data and more. You can join a Lunch and Learn Session Here.

Hi, I am the CEO of Lead411 and the founder of the SaaS 1000. Lead411 is a Sales Intelligence platform that discovers actionable insights for sales/marketing teams to help them target companies/contacts that are much more likely to be buying specific products and services. I love anything and everything that has to do with SaaS, sales technology and sales insights.

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