Top Free Gmail Extensions for Sales

I recently beta-launched a free chrome extension that lets you find people’s emails and direct dial phone numbers. It also allows you to build an email cadence to do outbound cold emailing. When building this solution it allowed me to think about the top solutions in the space that can help us find someone’s work email address for free. Here is the list in no specific order.

1) Junkyard Panda

Junkyard Panda is the new chrome extension for gmail that I just created. It allows you to search a person by name, domain, title, industry, etc. You can easily build lists of contacts or just find a person by name. It is currently live for US, Canada and some other English speaking countries however our focus is on the quality of the data provided.

2) Clearbit Connect

Known for their APIs, Clearbit’s Chrome Extension allows you to look up people via domain – and then their title or name. Their database is fairly large and seems especially good to be good for technology and saas companies.

3) Rapportive(Now part of Sales Navigator)

Rapportive was acquired by Linkedin in 2012 and they finally converted the Rapportive Chrome Extension into the Linked Sales Navigator Chrome Extension. It does not allow you to search for people, but you can figure out people’s emails in a roundabout way. See the image above on how you can type in a person’s email to see if that email is associated with a person’s account in Linkedin. There are some other gmail features too if you have Sales Navigator.

4) FullContact

With FullContact’s Chrome Extension you can also find people’s email addresses in a roundabout way. See the image above to see how I plugin my email address to get more information about me. I assume this just connects into their backend database. This app also has some other features as well.

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