65% Open Rate! Using Funding Triggers in Sales

In outbound sales, I am always looking for key statistics that can fuel my future efforts. What works, what doesn’t, what is getting responses, what is fuelling my funnel.

Recently, a colleague and I were looking at my email sequences, particularly at open rates and trying to determine which cadence/subject lines worked best. Something we noticed was that companies that have received funding within 2 days of me sending my email had open rates up toward 65%!!! A simple, “Congrats on your Funding”, subject line was able to spark interest as to how I already knew this company news.

I was able to build a an ongoing trigger-based prospect list of recently funded companies with titles that fall in line with my ideal customer that automatically lets me know what companies get funded. Lead411’s funding trigger has not only made my job easier by saving me research time but it has dramatically helped my open rate because I am one of the first people to congratulate them on their funding. There have been times that I have emailed prospects within hours of internal employees finding out.

Every day, I have an email of a list companies I am currently targeting that have received funding the day before. There is little to no effort on my part for research. All of the information I need is right there for me. The CEO and Founder of Lead411 has said “it is when these types of events happen that executives are most motivated to buy products and services.” This proves true with these statistics.

Lead411 has helped me become a better SDR and have given me a competitive edge over other SDR’s in my space. If you want to learn more about Lead411, you can sign up for a Demo Here.

Shane Szezesek is an Experienced Business Development Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the SaaS industry. Skilled in Sales Acceleration, Marketing Automation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Asset Management, and Team Building.

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