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Alternatives to Vainu include LeadSpace, RingLead, DiscoverOrg, ZoomInfo, SimilarWeb, Datafox etc. Vainu is a data-driven prospecting and lead generation platform for sales. Over 1000 organizations around the world use our SaaS solution to find actionable company insights and to identify the most valuable sales prospects for their business. This is done with the help of our database that currently contains over 70 million companies enriched with open and public data. In addition, Vainu's own unique predictive insights, developed by robust machine learning algorithms, can foresee into the future of companies and help you react before competition to incoming changes among your prospects and customers. Vainu is Europe's fastest-growing Sales Tech company and has offices in Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Amsterdam and New York. We've grown from 3 employees to over 80 in two years and are constantly looking for more talented and passionate individuals to join our adventure. B2B Sales Technology, Data-Driven Prospecting, Lead Generation, Lead Generation Automation, Sales Intelligence, Sales Automation, Predictive Sales, Company Insights, Prospecting Platform, Lead Generation Platform, Predictive Company Insights

6 Month Growth
Vainu Alternatives

Vainu Alternatives

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Nov 2016
6 Month Growth (%)
Current Ranking
LeadSpace  LeadSpace  linkedin San Francisco CA 95 100 5.26 165
RingLead  RingLead  linkedin Melville NY 83 72 -13.25 176
DiscoverOrg  DiscoverOrg  linkedin Vancouver WA 556 589 5.94 Bootstrapped 205
ZoomInfo  ZoomInfo  linkedin Waltham MA 285 334 17.19 228
SimilarWeb  SimilarWeb  linkedin New York NY 445 487 9.44 Naspers/Moshe Lichtman 379
Datafox  Datafox  linkedin San Francisco CA 127 135 6.30 Goldman/GreenVisor 459
InsideView  InsideView  linkedin San Francisco CA 306 305 -0.33 Foundation/Emergence 845
Radius Intelligence  Radius Intelligence  linkedin San Francisco CA 177 137 -22.60 900
RainKing  RainKing  linkedin Bethesda MD 163 157 -3.68 Spectrum 1127
Synthio  Synthio  linkedin Atlanta GA 50 43 -14.00 1212
Lead411  Lead411  linkedin Boulder CO USA 0 18 Bootstrapped 1493
SaleScout  SaleScout  linkedin Louisville CO 0 0 1964
MixRank  MixRank  linkedin San Francisco CA 0 9 Y Combinator 1967